Monday’s Matchup

The Jaguars may have a new secret weapon: quarterback David Garrard’s wife. Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports reported last week that Mary Garrard gave the team’s offensive coaches advice during a birthday party for Garrard’s son. ”She knows I like to move around and run around a little bit more,” David Garrard said. ”She was just saying we’ve got to see that some more and see you running around a little bit.” Mary Garrard should talk to the Titans, who are using play action and motion to hide Vince Young’s lack of development as a pocket passer. One thing Young has been able to do in the past three weeks is efficiently attack poor pass defenses with deep throws. The Jaguars’ defense has allowed 1,492 passing yards. MIKE TANIER

Pick: Titans

GRAPHICS: Titans (3-2) At Jaguars (3-2) 8:30 p.m., ESPN Line: Titans by 3


Colts (13-0)

at Jaguars (7-6)

8:20 p.m., NFL Network

Line: Colts by 6

”A Very Sorgi Christmas” will not be seen this holiday season. The heartwarming story of a backup quarterback who learns the true meaning of resting the starters has been a holiday tradition for nearly a decade, but it has been canceled. It is not that Jim Sorgi is injured — local affiliates tentatively scheduled ”The Little Painter Boy” as a replacement.

The Colts are shooting for an undefeated season, and they learned the true meaning of resting the starters in 2005: they were 13-0, lost two straight games in December, then lost in the second round of the playoffs. Experts in the art of the December clinch, the Colts have learned how to balance rest with rust, so ”The Peyton Manning Show” isn’t going into hiatus just yet.

The Jaguars are much healthier this week than last. Defensive tackle John Henderson practiced on Tuesday after missing the loss to the Dolphins, and receiver Mike Sims-Walker is back at full speed after being limited last week. Maurice Jones-Drew appeared on the injury report, but he said he was fine. He made it clear that he wants to face the Colts’ starters, despite the fact that a Curtis Painter appearance would help the Jaguars’ playoff chances.

Jones-Drew may be like the little boy who claims to wish for peace on earth while secretly crossing his fingers for a dirt bike, but so be it: the Colts’ starters he gets, though with 29 players on the Colts’ injured list, it is hard to say he will be facing them at full strength. MIKE TANIER